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Randall County Courthouse

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About Randall County

The boundries of the area was created from Bexar district by an act of the 15th Legislature in 1876. The location was named for General Horace Randal who attained the rank during the Civil War. It wasn't until June 29, 1889 that it was recognized and on July 27, 1889 the citizens elected their commissioners.

There is an estimated population of 104,379. It is mainly a farming and ranching community. An Independent School District covers the entire area, which provides excellent education.

The location is a wonderful place to live and raise your kids. It is clean, quiet, and a low crime rate.

Thirteen miles southeast of town is Palo Duro Canyon, a popular tourist attraction. It was formally opened in 1931 and is under the control of the Parks and Wildlife Commission. It is a beautiful place to come and visit, for camping, hiking and horesback riding.

During the summer (mid June through mid August) a famous play is performed in the outdoor amphitheatre.

Randall County Vital Stastics

Old Towns Include:
Ceta (Cita)   Cleta   Dee (Ingram)   Handville   Haney   Happy   Heyser (Price)   Highland   Holton   Ingram (Dee)   Lake Tanglewood   Mesa (Portsmouth)   Ogg   Palisades   Plemons   Portsmouth (Mesa)   Price (Heyser)   Ralls   Ralph   Timbercreek Canyon   Umbarger   Zita  

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