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Digging in your root cellar is often a challenge and may sometimes be difficult when attempting to put together all the bits of information necessary when you are exploring your cousins.

One of the more important resources available to us these days is easy access to information pertaining to someone's service within the Armed Forces around the world.

Many have served their country honorably in a great host of occupations and ranks, everything from chief cook and bottle washer, to high-ranking officers as well as medical and nursing personnel who served during both peacetime and war.

Among some of the more beneficial holdings concerning locating info about your loved ones includes such important data gleaned from sources like:

World War I Draft Registration Cards, Muster Rolls, Army Enlistments, WWII Draft Cards, Civil War, Korea, Vietnam, US Marine Corps and many other excellent resources available around the world.

Additional information may also be obtained by conducting a Surname Search.

Other vitals such as birth & death dates may sometimes be found by exploring Obituaries.

Another excellent source to find your relatives may be found in the Census Records.

Please be sure to explore these valuable databases often while discovering the wonderful life story of your beloved ancestors!

-Please Enjoy!

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