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About the Coordinator:

Hello and Welcome,
    My name is Darren McCathern. I am of mixed blood Scottish & Native American ancestry.

Please be sure to check out my pages at Scotland Royalty.

The area of my birthplace and residence is located near Amarillo Texas.

My Great-Great Grandmother Rebecca Jane McGhee was a Muscogee from the area known as Poarch Creek in Alabama who married my GG Grandfather who himself was a mixed blood Tsalagi. Little is known about her, except for the fact that she was born around the year of 1845 and sometimes is found in documents under the name "Nancy."

Currently I am the host of several project websites including the Kiowa Comanche Apache Reservation & my pages on Cherokee Indian History where I also have maps of villages located in Arkansas prior to statehood.

There are several tools that I publish as a way to assist you in your quest that may be of use, one is a lookups page for Cherokee Census Rolls, and there is also some very excellent Free Genealogy Charts and worksheets provided to help keep you organized.

If you have Vital Records available to share, or perhaps other information, please consider contributing to our Archives as a way to help others in their own research.

If you have a webpage with information that you would like to share, then please submit your links to be included here for others to enjoy.

Your help is greatly appreciated! -Thank You!

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