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When exploring the lives of our kindred we often are faced with the daunting task of learning just where on earth they hailed from and what locations they may have lived in prior to arriving to their ultimate destination.

The key to locating those elusive relatives is by examining documents pertaining to their journey around the world that often gives us wonderful insight into the fabric of their lives.

Among the more important data available to us on this topic, we find such incredible info that may even relate to us the name of the ships they traveled on, ethnic backgrounds, locations of where they originated from, as well as just where on the vessel they were assigned to, and even who may have even paid their fare!

Now that is truly a wealth of information not available anywhere else! These snips and bits of info on our beloved ancestors are often the only way we may glimpse into their real life story.

These crucial documents often give us the details of our folks and just how and when they arrived to their destination. This also grants us the wonderful blessing of realizing about the struggles they must have faced, all the while understanding that these ancestors were truly looking forward down the road for the purpose of making the lives of their descendants better.

Many of the most excellent info available to us concerning this important topic includes:

US Passport Applications, Passenger & Crew Lists, Citizenship and Naturalization papers, Emigration Books, Ship Photographs, Transportation Registers, Ports.

Additional information may also be obtained by conducting a Surname Search.

Other vitals such as birth & death dates may sometimes be found by exploring Obituaries.

Another excellent source is Military Service.

Please be sure to visit often and explore these fascinating databases as you discover the lives of your beloved relatives!

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