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Generations of Noah

In the annuls of time we learn through scholarly works such as the Holy Bible and Sumerian, Akkadian, and later Assyrian and Babylonian texts, that the world was once inundated with a massive flood where a man and his family took refuge in an ark that he had built, and then afterwards settled in a place called the mountains of Ararat.

During these times immediately after the deluge, the descendants of Noah were then instructed by God to send colonies abroad to replenish the population of the earth.

This was also enacted so as to prevent anyone from raising sedition among one another as had been taking place prior to the flood.

The citizens of that time however were unwilling to separate from one another and establish individual colonies, and believed that they would be better off enjoying their prosperity. They also held the opinion that if they divided themselves that they would be easily oppressed.

This led to many disobeying the commandment of the Most High, and they soon began to believe that their own hand had brought them their blessings rather than being thankful to the Creator for his kindness and mercy.

It has been passed down through the ages that the inhabitants began to suffer numerous calamities as a result of their disobedience.

In the most ancient traditions of the region we learn about a grandson of Ham, who we know from writings was named Nimrod. He became a mighty ruler and began building a massive city in direct rebellion to the commandment. These actions were secretly for the purpose to subdue everyone under his cruel despotic rule.

Nimrod began inciting the masses with angry rhetoric that purposed that he would seek revenge against the Most High if he ever attempted to flood the earth again. As a result of his efforts to control the masses he proclaimed that they should build a large tower that would withstand any potential flood.

He also told the masses in his terrible pride and arrogance, that he as their leader would then be able to avenge himself on God for destroying their forefathers.

When the Most High witnessed these sinners acting so madly, rather than destroy all the earth again as it was apparent they had not learned their lesson, the Lord confounded their languages which then resulted in the inhabitants scattering across the face of the earth.

The most ancient of clay tablets unearthed in these areas testify to the idea that many who were dispersed as a result of these events, soon began building major cities that over time led to the establishment of world empires.

This included such places as Ninevah, which later became the capital of the Assyrian Empire, and Babylon, which was the home of the Chaldeans.

As a result of being scattered abroad, the grandchildren of Noah soon began colonizing the earth of which we will speak a little.

Japheth had children and his son Gomer founded those known as the Galls, or as was known at that time the Gomerites.

Magog founded those who the Greeks call Scythians. Madai was the progenitor of the Medes, and Javan was the father of Ionia from who Greece was created.

Tubal was the leader of the Iberians, Meshech founded those known as Moscoch, and Tiras was the elder of those known as Thracians.

The children of Ham possessed the lands of Syria and Lebanon as well as the coasts of that area. Cush his son, was the ruler of the Ethiopians, Mizraim established Egypt, Phut founded Libya and also the land of the Moors.

Canaan inhabited the land known as Judea and ruled over those known as the Canaanites.

Shem had five sons with Elam being the first of the Elamites the ancestors of the Persians.

Asshur lived at Ninevah and named his descendants Assyrians.

Arphaxad was the father of the Chaldeans. Aram founded the Syrians, and Lud was the father of the Lydians.

These make up the roots of those living in this region from ancient times, and it is from these important branches that all the human beings of the earth living today descend.

All of Asia was inhabited by these offspring as well as many areas in Africa.

It is well documented that the descendants of the man known as Abraham through his wife Keturah indeed settled in the lands of Arabia.

His grandson Epher in fact conquered Libya and his grandchildren named the continent Africa in honor of him.

All of the tribes of the earth originate from these branches.

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